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5 days in Panajachel

Ceramic and pottery shopping in San Antonio Guatemala

If you’re in Panajachel, Guatemala … you might want to take a side trip up a volcano or even do some hiking. For me, I was mostly content to eat pizza and hang out enjoying my view. However … if you do happen to get a little tired of the spectacular view, unlimited rum and cokes and stone oven pizza ... Read More »

How do I get to Santiago Atitlán?

When you’re thinking about visiting Santiago Atitlán, you have figure out “How do I get to Santiago Atitlán?”. Here are the five ways I found to get there … but doing a day trip from Guatemala City would be the least palatable option unless you have Maximón in your car. Private Car: You can drive here in your own car. ... Read More »

What to do in Santiago Atitlán?

What to do in Santiago Atitlán in 3 hours? From the first 2 posts about Santiago Atitlán … How to get to Santiago Atitlán How to find Maximón and why he should have been a Trini god. You should be wondering what there is to do in this town … so here’s a synopsis of what to do in Santiago ... Read More »

Renting a house in Lake Atitlan … if you’re in Panajachel.

If you’re in Guatemala for any extended period of time, a visit to Panajachel is a “must-do”. Panajachel, or “Pana” as it is widely known is a small town on the North shore of Lake Atitlán and along with Antigua is the other major tourism areas in Guatemala. Lake Atitlán is a volcanic crater lake and definitely the deepest lake ... Read More »